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ABOUT WATER PARKS: water parks are fast becoming as popular, or more popular than theme parks. Many of the theme parks listed have companion water parks, or water rides within. Not all water parks, though are equally accessible to guests. Some guests with poor circulation may find cold water rides extremely uncomfortable. When I verify that a park has "warm" water, it is at least 82 degrees. If I identify it as "cold" - the water may cause hypothermia in some individuals. Northern water parks may tend to be colder than southern, indoor water rides colder than outdoor. If you have experience with a water park / ride, please let me know!

California - the Los Angeles Area

We found that two hotels - one in the Anaheim area for 4 nights, and one near Universal Studios for 3 nights - enabled us to see the majority of the Los Angeles theme parks easily. The Anaheim area is where Disneyland, California Adventure, and Knotts Berry Farm are located. Legoland is a 2 hour drive south. Universal Studios and Six Flags can be easily reached from a hotel in between both. They are about an hour drive from Anaheim.
Other California Parks
Florida - The Orlando Area

Our home for ten years, so we know it well. This is truly the premier theme park location on earth - there are more attractions within a two hour drive of Orlando than anywhere else. The center of the action is a 10 mile stretch of Interstate 4 South of downtown. The Universal area is closest to downtown, and the Disney area is to the South of that. Sea World is in between the two. Any hotel at or between Universal and Disney is an excellent location, no more than half an hour drive to any of the major theme parks. Getting from the parking lot to the park can be another matter, so leave early! The map below shows the major theme park areas of Orlando:

Other Florida Parks

The end of an era in Florida theme parks - Cypress Gardens is no more. I could not even find a web address for them when I made this page, and now the news is official. They have closed. Too much 9-11 fear, Iraq fear, competition from Disney and Universal, etc. I am very much afraid for some of Florida's other older theme parks. Next time you go to Florida, catch these treasures before they are gone forever!!!


A note about the Branson area ---
This is being touted as a tourist destination. It features mainly live entertainment shows. As this is a theme park page maintained by a 9 year old, who is so NOT into live entertainment geared for 50 year olds, the only entry of any interest to a themepark enthusiast is Silver Dollar City, its one and only theme park.

Nevada - The Las Vegas Area

We have not visited, but it appears that the area has several casino hotels which feature family-friendly attractions to counteract the darker side of the city. I am going to treat the entire city as one large theme park where you pay to visit individual rides. My best advice would be to find a reasonably priced hotel room in the middle of the "strip" and walk or take cabs to these attractions. They have also recently installed a monorail that should be a good way to get around. The map below should help - numbers on the map relate to numbers of attractions below:

  1. Bellagio Fountains of Bellagio outdoor fountain show
  2. Caesar's Palace Cinema Ride 6 different movies with simulator rides
  3. Caesar's Palace Forum Shops Indoor mall with a Roman theme
  4. Caesar's Palace Magical Empire Roman themed tour and dining
  5. Caesar's Palace Race for Atlantis IMAX 3D film and simulator ride
  6. Circus Circus Adventuredome Indoor theme park
  7. Hilton Star Trek The Experience Star Trek themed tour and simulator ride
  8. Luxor In Search of the Obelisk IMAX film and simulator ride
  9. MGM Grand GameWorks Arcade
  10. MGM Grand Lion Habitat
  11. Mirage Dolphin Habitat
  12. Mirage White Tiger Habitat
  13. Mirage Aquarium
  14. Mirage Rain Forest
  15. Mirage Volcano
  16. Mirage Buccaneer Bay Nighttime pirate show
  17. New York-New York Manhatten Express roller coaster
  18. Paris Eiffel Tower 1/2 scale model of Paris landmark
  19. Sahara Cyber Speedway NASCAR simulator ride
  20. Sam's Town Mystic Falls waterfall and laser / water show
  21. Stratosphere Stratosphere Tower hotel and tower with viewing deck
  22. StratosphereThrill Rides at the Stratosphere Tower free fall ride and roller coaster ride
  23. Venetian Gondola Ride
  24. Fremont Street Experience Indoor mall with light show on ceiling
  25. Wet 'N Wild Water Park
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Dallas is fast becoming the water park capital of the world with three new water parks opening in less than a month - now Dallas has 9 theme and water parks in all! Houston has five with its new Downtown Aquarium (a few theme park quality attractions), San Antonio has four (including nearby Schlitterbahn). Which city will score BIG with a major park from Disney or Universal? I don't know - but Disney rumors from 3-4 years ago about Katy near Houston appear to have been the land clearing for the Katy Mills mall. But 2 days drive to Orlando, 3 days drive to LA mean Texas and midwest Disney / Universal fans don't go as often as they want - which is cutting into Disney / Universal profits, and that fact can't be ignored by either company. Pleasant year round temperatures make any of these cities a prime candidate for Disney or Universal to challenge the Six Flags empire on its own turf - which is too good to pass up! Keep an eye on this page, we are keeping a close eye on the area - and we have contacts high up in both Disney and Universal. You may see it here first!

West Virginia

A note about Wisconsin Dells ---
Touted by the Travel Channel as the theme and water park capital of the world - but I couldn't find links to all 18 water / theme parks that they claimed. I only found 7.
I caution visitors to Northern water parks - BEWARE of impossibly cold water!!! This Texas 9 year old finds water under 84 degrees to be "freezing", and if I find a water park with cold water, I am outta there. I cannot imagine that any of these water parks would have warm water, so if you can tolerate the cold, go for it. Otherwise, go to some of the indoor attractions listed on the Wisconsin Dells Attractions page.

British Columbia
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
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