Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was WCIE originally on 91.3?
A: YES!!! The owners of WCIE, in an effort to raise power, received a new frequency of 91.1. This reduced interference to a Catholic owned station in the Tampa Bay area, which graciously allowed WCIE to have a waiver to broadcast more power than would have otherwise been allowed. When the power increase was to occur, WCIE played "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" by Amy Grant. This song has a lengthy orchestral portion at the beginning, which they purposely undermodulated. The threw the switch as the song reached the point where Amy cranks up the tempo. This gave the illusion of a power increase on an AM station! A straight power increase on an FM station would not produce a volume increase by itself.

Q: Was there a RAID by Carpenter's Home Church owners on WCIE several years before its demise?
A: NO! There was an abrupt format change in 1989. I have heard four accounts of this change, ranging from accounts of people being marched out the door by irate elders of the church to the account below. The account below is posted almost verbatim by somebody who worked at WCIE in the years leading up to the format change, and who was caught up in it. Therefore, this account is "firsthand", and the dramatic accounts I heard from other individuals have been dramatized versions coming from people who worked at the station after the format change. Certainly, if you were directly involved in this format change and have a different description, I will be glad to post your version of the story verbatim. But please - only FIRSTHAND ACCOUNTS! I want this page to be as factual as possible.

"Practically every day of those ___ years, WCIE was a wonderful place to work. But that began to change after the big "split" at Carpenters Home Church. Without going into any detail, suffice it to say that there came a point in the late 80's where it became painfully obvious to me that I couldn't continue to do the type of radio I was passionate about, and stay at WCIE, so I resigned. Four others (three on-air, and one clerical) were in the process of making the same decision. So, in one day, five resignations were turned in. The folks at CHC accused us of "planning it", but I was there - it was totally innocent. By my remembrance, there was no "ushering them out the door" contrary to what you were told. Those who could leave without the station suffering were given 2-weeks severance and dismissed, others like me, stayed to help train those who were hastily brought in to replace us. It was not pretty, it was painful - but as much as we were tempted to become bitter, we all realized that ultimately, it was God's ministry and He would take care of matters. Perhaps the saddest thing is that while the church was trying to figure out what it was going to do with the radio station, listeners, donations and trust was lost. Ultimately, those poor decisions paved the way for what you described in the rest of your tribute page." --- a former WCIE personality (identifying information stripped out)

Q: How do WKES listeners feel about this situation?
A: I overheard a part of the WKES shareathon - it was punctuated by callers that were aware of the impending sale of WKES, and who were concerned that they could not receive WCIE. It sounds like Moody has a white elephant on their hands - a station in the middle of nowhere that can't cover the geographic region they want. To make matters even worse for Moody - WCIE has a construction permit to move their tower away from Plant City, its present location, and move it 9 miles closer to Orlando. WCIE wanted to cover both Orlando and Tampa (before Z-88 came on the air in Orlando). What this means to WKES listeners is that the signal from WCIE will be even HARDER to receive! So Moody spent five million dollars for a station that covers only Lakeland, and has intense competition there from 91.9, which duplicates their format.

Q: Does Carpenter's Home Church continue to have concerts?
A: I continue to receive mailings from what I conclude is the former WCIE mailing list - informing me of concerts at CHC.

Q: What happened to WCIE's audience?
A: Most of the audience west of Lakeland is lucky - they can receive Z-88 in Orlando. Sadly, this station fades rapidly as you approach Lakeland, although I can truthfully say you can still receive it in Lakeland better than you could receive WCIE in the East and North parts of Orlando. There is a conflicting signal in the Tampa Bay area, a powerful station on 88.5 that eliminates any possibility of receiving Z-88.3 (or WAY-FM on 88.7). The Tampa Bay area is served by an AC station: the Joy-FM on 88.1 and 91.5. The Joy-FM was obviously well aware of the situation, they quickly covered Lakeland with two translators on 96.7 and 106.1. To their credit, they have stepped up the tempo of their music somewhat to "fill the gap". It is my belief, however, that the teenagers of the Tampa Bay area, for the most part, do not look on the Joy-FM as a replacement for WCIE and do not listen. They simply do not play the Christian rock content necessary to reach teenagers. I heard a sharathon for the Joy-FM shortly after all this happened, they had a HUGE number of new donors, the older range of WCIE's audience, no doubt! Z-88 also reaped a benefit in their Sharathons, although they do not cover but a small portion of the geographic area previously served by WCIE.

The LATEST Joy-FM sharathon (1997) has a promotional announcement which is a letter from an ex-WCIE listener! In the letter, she talks about how glad she was to find a song from "the old WCIE", and how much it means in her life not to have to listen to secular music any more. She goes on to say how the Joy-FM is soothing the HURT FEELINGS in her life! The Joy-FM knows EXACTLY what happened, and is not putting on kid gloves about it!

Q: I heard that Carpenter's Home Church bought 1570 AM. What is it like? Does it "replace" WCIE?
A: The newsletter I talked about above contains numerous advertisements for 1570 AM. In a newsletter targeted towards teenagers and young families, they are talking about a station that plays Southern Gospel music and features Paul Harvey commentary. Is there something wrong with this picture? I think every single teenager out there would ask "Paul - WHO?!" I could actually receive 1570 AM on the East coast of Florida - thanks to a GE Superadio III and Hammerlund SP-600JX. Don't waste your time listening! It is not WCIE and never will be.

Q: So what did CHC and Evangel school do with the money? Didn't they use it for missions - isn't that as important as WCIE?
A: One ex-WCIE listener told me that the money all went to missions. I got a call one night about Evangel school in MELBOURNE. I think a chunk of it went to expand Evangel to other towns. THAT IS NOT MISSIONS!!! I told the caller that under no circumstances would I want to send my kids to a school that has demonstrated that they dislike young people so much that they are willing to destroy a ministry that reaches them.

Q: Should you be so frank about the roles of Carpenter's Home Church and Moody Bible Institute in the demise of WCIE? Isn't that in volation of the scripture "touch not God's annointed"?
A: An anti-Christian rock source (believe it or not) says it better than I can. Read their very important essay on this subject!

Q: I hear that CHC copyrighted the call letters "WCIE". Doesn't this mean that they intend to go back on the air with an FM like the old WCIE?
A: I doubt it very seriously. If that was their intention, they neglected to "count the cost" of their rash action to sell. There are no more frequencies available in the Tampa Bay area. They would not have the cash to buy an existing station. So they are shut out of the FM band - completely. It is this author's opinion that they intend the AM station to be their ONLY broadcast outlet. If they were to attempt another CCM station, the same forces that destroyed WCIE would destroy the new station as well.

Q: Don't they stream Christian rock audio on the internet?
A: Yes! This is the wierdest part of it. Factions in the church despise everything WCIE stood for, yet they turn right around and have it on the internet! I can only conclude that these factions wanted WCIE to be their own personal juke box - playing only what they personally wanted to hear! CHC has a rather extensive internet portal under the domain name, which includes a link to WCIE radio. I applaud the effort to maintain WCIE radio in some form. The problem is that young people in Florida are mobile. The internet cannot reach into kids cars as they drive around town. It can't reach their portable radios on the beach. So the audience for internet streaming, and the potential for reaching lost young people is comparatively small compared to what the FM station WCIE had. Perhaps this will change, but Cisco systems recently "canned" the Kerbango Internet radio project before it was available to consumers. This would have been an important first step in the availablity of "broadcast" internet radio. It may take 5 to 10 years for it to be widely available. Streaming audio on a modem is very poor quality, not even measuring up to AM or shortwave radio quality. It will take broadband wireless to make this a reality, and it will come first only to the very wealthy kids, whose parents can afford it. Is the gospel supposed to be for the wealthy only? WCIE FM reached kids who were listening on a $10 K-Mart portable, and it had no monthly "access fee".

Q: Is CHC aware of this page? What do they think of it?
A: Probably. Once in a while, one of them writes me about WCIE. I come up pretty high on web searches, now that the old page is down. I may even come up before their portal. I cannot help but feel betrayed by people I once admired, people who I thought understood my needs and the needs of young people. They hurt me, they hurt my friends. This page, hopefully, instead of offending, will spur them to make amends to the tens of thousands of young people hurt by what they did, and to put WCIE FM back on the air, no matter what the cost!!!! God WILL provide the funds, if they try!

Q: Just who are you, anyway?
A: This is the age of cyber stalkers and other night crawlers. So I purposely keep a lot of personal information a secret. My name is Bruce, I was producer of the radio program "The Intro Live" on WAPN radio in Daytona Beach. I presently live in the Dallas area - where there is an excellent station for young people - Power FM. I no longer have a personal stake in central Florida, except a love for the tens of thousands of Tampa Bay teenagers who were given the total shaft in the WCIE affair. As for whether or not I can really discern the things of the Spirit - let me make it clear - I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at the time I was saved. I do not speak in tongues, because I am not in a ministry to those who speak other languages, and need to hear the gospel in their native tongue. I attend a church where the Word of God is taught faithfully, inerrantly, and unapologetically from the pulpit. You may email me, if you wish.

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