What REALLY happened to WCIE????

The sad sequence of events:

  1. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 passes and is signed into law. It relaxes the law on ownership of multiple radio stations in a single market, making it possible for monopolies to form. The Free Radio Network has some choice words about this act, and how it limits diversity in radio markets. Guess what - they are right!!!!

  2. Paxson Communications - owner of several secular stations in area, offers $25 million to Moody Bible Insitute for WKES 101.5 (just to get the frequency).

  3. Moody decides to sell WKES.

  4. Moody looks for another station to buy in the non-commercial part of the dial (88-92). These stations are bargains - they offer lots of power and coverage for very little money. Unfortunately, they target WCIE.

  5. Carpenter's Home Church and Evangel Christian school sell WCIE to Moody for $5 million.

  6. WCIE starts to simulcast WKES.

  7. Carpenter's Home Church and Evangel Christian school buy 1570 AM - and formats it southern gospel.

  8. Paxson Communications sells all of its radio holdings, including the pending sale of WKES, to Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

  9. WCIE's call letters are changed to WKES.

  10. The old WKES on 101.5 becomes WILV - a secular station in July of 1997. The new format is love songs.
  11. WILV changes its call letters to WFJO after a year, and the new format is "Jammin' Oldies". It is now owned by Cox Communications, Inc.

Some of the above facts are condensed from an article on 8-9-96 in the St. Petersburg Times, and confirmed by a spokesmen for the Moody network and Carpenter's Home Church.

Behind the scenes, there is more to the story than the facts above. Here are some interesting tidbits and opinions:

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