The other side says My response

Would you like to know what White Heart's message is? Here's what Mark Gersmehl says

"As you lose a part of yourself, you rise up to something greater when you realize the wrongs and the transgressions that society has created and that we as individuals create. WHEN WE LEARN FROM THOSE, we can strive to live a richer life. I think that's what we're trying to say as a band."

Nothing about the Lord Jesus! Just the same new-age, satanic (see Gen 3) humanist garbage!

And here's another wonderful word of encouragement from White Heart:

"So, where do you go when times get tough? You've got to have a powerhouse. You've got to have a place where you can go. . . We want to tell people that there are places to go, that we should build communities where they can get strength, not to knock anybody else down, but to find SOMETHING DEEPER WITHIN THEMSELVES." (CCM, Feburary, 1991, pp 20-23)

SOMETHING DEEPER WITHIN THEMSELVES??? That's the same lie of the new age (that you are god, the tree's a god, we're all god) that Satan has been preaching since Adam and Eve " ...ye shall be as gods...". Jesus Christ says in Matthew 15:19, "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:" Jeremiah 17:9 says,"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" You better go to something OUTSIDE of yourself the LORD JESUS CHRIST! The best you can achieve by yourself IS A LAKE OF FIRE!

I have no idea where those quotes came from, but I have a feeling that they have either been monsterously misquoted, or were quoted in interviews with secular media, where they may have been constrained in what they were allowed to say. I have a few unconstrained quotes from the group:

WhiteHeart - Mark (@html.netcentral.net) . Mon, Oct 23, 8:34PM CDT Jesus is a very powerful name - the most powerful in fact. But just as in conversations you may have with a person, you may not say their name in every sentence, or even in every discussion, but you know who you are talking to. Sometimes it is more effective as a writer to not say His name directly because you may invite other people in who otherwise may not listen. But believe me he is in the center of every song.

From AOL chat:

Question: How long have you guys known the LORD? and what makes you want to sing for HIM in a rock band? Praise the LORD for the lives that are saved........

Answer: The sum of all of our saved years equals 75. :) We sing for HIM because it's whats in our hearts

Question: What scripture do you tend to lean on?

Answer: A little too broad for the entire group, some of the favorites are...John 1:5, Hebrews 12, Psalms 23

Question: What do you want to accomplish as musicians

Answer: The entire band wants to be both the best musicians they can be, and at the same time the best Christians

(on their contract with Curb records, a mainstream label)

Answer: It hasn't had a negative impact on our music. We were under NO pressure to compromise any of what we say or believe by CURB records, they want us as we are

"Sometimes I think people mention it [God] too often, and sometimes not often enough," Florian said, "God is the one ultimately in control, and in our little finite universe, in which we live, we kind of define terms in the human sense. So, as far as the things that we're involved in with the process--I think that we try to be careful not to talk in 'Christianese,' or speak in a way that is so that a non-American couldn't understand it. It's very important to us, for the kind of people that we want to talk to, that this song can make as much sense to a Christian or a non-Christian, equally. Not mostly to a Christian and less to a non-Christian, but equally make sense to both of them. Now whether someone would agree or disagree with the premise is up to each individual's own heart and what's going on in their life. But, otherwise, going over to Europe means nothing."

"In 1985 White Heart's lead singer was arrested for child molestation!"

This is the type of irresponisible half-truth and mis-direction of the facts that I established this apologetics essay for. I must confess that I am very angry over this statement! Whiteheart's lead singer Mark Gersmehl HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED FOR CHILD MOLESTATION, as that statement above implies. When you make statements like that, you absolutely MUST be completely factual or face the possiblity of libel. It is true that in 1985, Scott Douglas, then the lead singer of Whiteheart, was arrested for child molestation. If you had stated that, I would have no problem. But you said "lead singer", making no attempt to qualify the statement correctly. A casual, uninformed reader would not be aware of the change in personnel in the group, and assume it is Mark! The Bible exhorts Christians not to sue each other, but that type of irresponsible statement would get you sued under any other circumstances my friend! It is only by the good graces of Whiteheart and Mark that you have not been hauled into court. And I assure you it would not be a matter of whether or not your ministry would have to pay damages, but only how much of your ministry's (and probably your personal) assets they would want!!! I would be very careful - Whiteheart has signed with a mainstream label who may protect their clients vigorously - against Whiteheart's wishes!

These are the current members of the group Whiteheart:

  • Mark Gersmehl (keyboards)
  • Billy Smiley (guitar)
  • Rick Florian (lead vocals)
  • Mike Mead (drums)
  • Barry Graul (lead guitar)
  • Mark Hill (bass)

The former member of Whiteheart that was convicted of child molestation had a stage name of Scott Douglas. Information from the official Whiteheart FAQ (they make no effort to hide the TRUTH which you have substantially distorted):

"In 1986 Scott was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in a Tennessee prison for sexually related crimes. Here's an update on Scott by way of a clip from the Amy Grant Mailing List, moderated by Lori McAlister -

[begin clip from Amy Grant Mailing List]


From: Lori McAlister lorimc4foa@aol.com

Subject: Notes from Friends of Amy

Date: 13 Jan 1996

Greetings and the very best of the New Year to you and your households!!

So many wonderful little tidbits from life and I thought of you often throughout the season as things would come up - "Oh, now that's a post!", I would say... Being at "praise and worship" at Smitty's right before Thanksgiving and seeing Scott Mathiesen (sp?) and his wife, Jovon (sp?). Vintage White Heart fans might remember Scott by his stage name "Scott Douglas". He has been released from prison and is home with his family putting life back together one day at a time. I remember praying with Jovon at a weekly Bible Study 4-5 years ago when his release seemed imminent even then... What a Thanksgiving!


[end clip from Amy Grant Mailing List]

The man no longer has anything to do with Whiteheart, and has paid his debt to society. He is at home with his family, who have stood by him as he works through his repentance from sin - as Jesus has also stood by him. SO DROP YOUR STATEMENT INSULTING MARK IMMEDIATELY, in the name of Jesus! And leave Scott alone - God no longer remembers his transgressions - WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO?!

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