Hallicrafters SX-73This is the Hallicrafters SX-73 receiver. It contains 19 tubes and has a coverage of 540 Khz to 54 Mhz on 6 bands. Like the Hammarlund SP-600 it too has a military designation of R-274. It employs a single conversion superheterodyne circuit between 540 Khz to 7 Mhz, and a double conversion superheterodyne circuit from 7 Mhz and up. The intermediate frequencies for the double conversion is 455 Khz and 6 Mhz, which makes interference from Radio Havana Cuba sometimes a problem with these receivers. Also, like the SP-600, it too uses a rotary turret for band switching but the designs are totally different and are not interchangeable. Additionally, many of the SX-73s have experienced S meter problems over the years, and like this one, have some type of replacement meter.

Collins 51J-4This is the Collins 51J-4 Receiver which first came out in 1957. It is a general coverage receiver, which covers 540 Khz to 30.5 Mhz. It uses single, double, or triple conversion in tuning the entire frequency range. It has an intermediate frequency of 500 Khz and incorporates mechanical filters in the IF section, which greatly improve the selectivity of this receiver over the 51J-3 (R-388). The 51J-4 is primarily known for its accuracy and stability, allowing no more than 1 kc of drift. It is one of my best receivers and the one I turn to when conditions get at their worst. The cabinet for this particular 51J-4 is not correct, but is one from a 32V or 75A series equipment.

Johnson ValiantThe E. F. Johnson Viking Valiant is a plate modulated CW and AM transmitter capable of giving around 140 watts of output carrier on AM. It covers 160 to 10 meters with it's built in VFO. The production dates were from 1956 to 1962 when in 1962 Johnson introduced the Valiant II. Like most of E. F. Johnson products, the Valiant was also available in kit form. This is a serious transmitter using three 6146s as finials, modulated by another pair of 6146s. Valiants do have the capability to operate on SSB but require the optional SSB exciter to do so. For the moment, I have this Valiant paired up with the Collins 51J-4. They seem to compliment each other very well in what they do and make operating AM a real pleasure.

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