Hallicrafters HT-37The Hallicrafters HT-37 single sideband transmitter is one of the most common boatanchors around today. This was due, in part, to it's quality and cost. In the early 1960s when use of SSB exceeded AM, the HT-37 had many attributes that made it a success. Costing hundreds of dollars less than Collins and CE and yet full of the many features the others had plus the name of Hallicrafters on it made the HT-37 one of the most prolific SSB transmitters around.

RCA RBC-4 This is the RBC-4 made by RCA for the US Navy. The original design of the RBC dates back to 1939 with a cost to the US Government of over $2400 each. To be correct this only the CRV-46297 which is part of the RBC-4 overall setup. The part that you don't see is the 56 pound power supply which is the CRV-20130. This RBC is a great receiver, one reason is that the BFO does a great job on SSB as well. The only drawback with it is that there is no way to mute it for use with a transmitter that I can tell. Another odd thing to note about the RBC and RBB receivers is that by themselves they are not ready for rack mounting. This one is shown without it's case which has a flange that is on each side to allow rack mounting. Most other RBC and RBB receivers I have seen have a case without the flanges and require a shelf in order to fit into a 19 inch rack.

Hammarlund SP-600This is another Hammarlund SP-600 that I have. I got this one in March of 2000 in an estate sale. I'm not 100% sure but I think the gentleman that had owned this SP-600 was into military gear. It also came with a military 600 ohm speaker. I can't help but think that he took great pride in his equipment because of the great condition that I received it. The drawback with this receiver, as with all SP-600s, is that your are never really 100% sure where you are at.

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