QTH photos of W4EGK, Joe Batchelor, SK

It is my sad duty to report that Joe Batchelor passed away Sunday January 4, 2004. Joe Batchelor was the lead engineer at Central Electronics, who's noted for the design and development of the broadband couplers used in the 600L HF amplifiers and the later 100V/200V broadband HF transmitters. In addition to his work at Central Electronics, Joe Batchelor is also listed in Who's Who for his work in the development of a radio system designed to locate downed pilots at sea for the Air Force back in the mid-forties.

Here is a photo of Joe and his wife of over sixty years, W4EZS, Jackie. This was one of many workbenches that Joe did his work during the day repairing various equipment.

This was commonly known as the Intersanctum, where Joe spent most of his free time working on various projects, most of the time, late into the night.

Yet another set of work benches in the old school building where Joe and Jackie lived. As they got older, maintance on the big building started to slip with each passing year. Joe and Jackie moved out of this location in 2000, and by judging by these pictures, just in time too.

As seen here, the biggest problem facing the Joe and Jackie was a leaking roof. You can see the damage on the far wall in this room, which was full of microwave equipment. On the bottom right you can see some of the plywood which Nick and I brought to try to cover the many holes in the floor due to the leaking roof.

This is the main hallway of the old school building. Notice the equipment falling due to collapsing floor because of the wood rot due to the leaking roof. One of the most dangerous places in the building, because there was a huge hole in the floor with about a 10 foot drop to muddy basement. If you walked down that hall and fell through, chances are, most of that equipment would follow you down.

This is the side of the tube room that had not collapsed yet. By the time I got there the hole in the roof about 3 feet wide.

This is a photo of the side of the tube room that had collapsed. You can see the brick foundation supports at the bottom of the photo. The plastic was placed over the tubes years ago, but as you can see because of the leakage, the floor just rotted away. It wasn't long after this photo that most of the stuff fell into the basement covered with mud.

This is the auditorium. Notice the lighted stage? That was because the ceiling had collapsed. Notice the rack in the center of the photo? That's where we found the Hallicrafters HT-20.

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