Ham Shack Photos of KX4R

Right end of shack with the Ranger/NC300 station, SP600JX21/DX100 station and the restored "fire-damaged" HQ-160.

Left end of shack with the Apache/75A-3 station, EAC R-390A, SX-71, RME-6900, and GSB-100 and others.

Viking II / HQ-150 station and the DX100B / HQ-140XA station.

HQ-129X / TBS-50C station and the SX-111 / HT-37 station .

B&W 5100/ HQ-170A-vhf station, and the modern stuff, TS-940s, Alpha 76, and the little QRP kit rig Elecraft K2.

Greg's "Big Rig" Crosley T-368C / Collins R-390.

Computer end of shack NC-183D / B&W 5100B station with the ARRL and Electric Radio collection.

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This page last updated 8 Oct 2001