The Shack

The Boatanchor Shack
This is the Boatanchor side of the shack here at the N4OZI QTH. In this photo you can see both of my Central Electronics 200Vs, my 100V and my 600L amp. There is also my Drake R-4B and R-4A receivers along with my Collins 32V3, 75A-4 and a Johnson Viking II. In the rack is a Collins 75S-1, Hammarlund SP-600, Collins R-390 and Hallicrafters HT-20.

The Satellite Shack
This is the more modern side of the shack which I use for satellite work. Here you'll see a Yaesu FT-847, Ft-757GX and an Ameritron AL-811H.

The Satellite Tower
Here is the satellite tower with its M2 436CP30 30 element circular polarized antenna for 432-440 Mhz. The 2 meter antenna is the Wimo X-Quad along with K5GNA plug N play 2.4 Ghz AO-40 downlink dish. The rotor is a Yaesu G-5500. In the back ground you can see part of my 80 meter inverted V.

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This page last updated 9 January 2004