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Zenith 5S29 This is the Zenith 5-S-29 that came out in the 1935 model year. Interesting technical fact about the 5-S-29 is that it uses a 252.5 kc IF frequency. With it's three bands (A,B and C) it covers from 550 kc to 18 mc with a rather colorful dial. For me, this was one of those radios that you don't see much, that is until you get one. Then you notice that everybody has a 5-S-29. It has 5 tubes which are 6A8G, 6K7G, 6B6G, 6F6G, 5Y3G. I know, you are saying "A 6B6G?" Ever try to find a 6B6G? Well, no problem, the famous 6Q7G will work just fine. In fact, that will make the tube lineup for this radio the most common for that era.

Philco 60 The Philco Model 60 seems to be one of the most common cathedral radios around today. It's a 1935 model and has 2 bands: 530 to 1500 kc and 1.5 to 4.0 mc. It has 5 tubes which are 6A7, 42, 75, 78 and 80.

Philco 51B This looks like a Philco Model 51B from the model year of 1933. However, looks can sometime fool you. The cabinet is a 51B but the chassis is a Philco Model 50 from 1931 which is a screen grid TRF circuit. At the time I bought this radio I knew very little about radios. Who knows when the switch was made, but the cabinet looks like it has not been tampered with and the radio seems to be a perfect fit. It has 1 band: 550 to 1500 kc. The Model 50 chassis has 5 tubes which are 24 (x3), 47 and 80.

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