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Philco 37-60 The Philco Model 37-60 Tombstone was a mid-season entry in the 1937 model year for Philco. It joined two other versions of the 37-60 model (a cathedral model and a console model) that were out at the start of the model year. All three used the same chassis. The 1937 model year was also the year Philco started using the first two digits of it's model numbers to indicate the model year. It was also the year that Philco's sales numbers started to decline. It has 2 bands: 530 to 1720 kc and 2.3 to 7.4 mc. The 37-60 chassis has 5 tubes which are 5Y4G, 6A8G, 6F6G, 6K7G and the 6Q7G. Once again, a very common tube lineup for that era.

Philco 38-62 The one good thing about this radio is that most of the paper veneer is still on the front. This is a Philco 38-62 Table Model from 1938. A console version of this model was also available that year too. Does it work? Well, when I bought this radio the power cord was cut off (not a good sign). Two of the tubes were bad also, however, after replacing the bad tubes and a few capacitors it works very well. This radio is also a fine example of where you can't replace a bad 6Q7G tube with a 6Q7GT or 6Q7 metal tube. Click here to see the Repair of this radio. It has 2 bands: 530 to 1720 kc and 2.3 to 2.5 mc for the old police band. It has 5 tubes which are 5Y4G, 6A8G, 6F6G, 6K7G and 6Q7G.

Air King 1000 The Air King 1000 is a small AC/DC set from 1937. It's hard to believe that this radio uses 4 large tubes. I don't know why I like this radio so much but it must have really been something in it's day. It did not work when I first got it since the resistance line cord is reading about 2 meg. I have restored the radio and refinished the cabinet to what you see in the photo. Click here to see the Before and After of this radio. It has 1 band: 550 to around 2000 kc for the lower part of that day's Police band. It has 4 tubes which are 38, 76, 6D6 and 6C6.

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