This console is a mystery to me in that I think this is a Majestic 3C70 which is what the inside label indicates, however the 4th edition of Bunis' Collector's Guide to Antique Radios does not list this model. The description is close to the Model 3BC90-B of 1939, but that radio has 9 tubes rather than 7. It is a rather nice console and has been well taken care of since this radio still has it's original finish. My guess is that the model year is 1940? It has 3 bands: 550 to 1700 kc, 2.1 to 7.5 mc and 7.5 to 23 mc. It plays quite well, but the new 6E5 eye tube seems to stay open no matter what you tune in. It could be that the 1 meg resistor in the socket needs to be replaced. I was told when I bought the radio that it had not been re-caped either. It has 7 tubes which are: 5Y3G, 6AC5G, 6E5, 6Q7G, 6SA7, 6SK7 and 76. Majestic 3C70

Philco 118H My oldest console! This is a Philco 118H Highboy made for the 1935 model year. It is the only Philco that I have thus far with the famous Shadow Tuning Meter. It has 2 bands: 540 to 1720 kc and 4.2 to 12.0 mc. I bought this radio in March '97 and found out that it does not work. The one thing I did notice about this radio is the large power transformer. I hope to be able to get this radio working sometime. It has 8 tubes which are: 6A7, 42 (x3), 75, 78 (x2) and 80.

I guess I bought this Zenith thinking "How can you collect radios without a Zenith console?". This console is a Zenith 11S474 from 1940 and it still plays! It has 2 bands: 550 to 1600 kc and 6 to 18 mc. Now for the bad news, it doesn't play all that well, the eye tube does not work and there is rather large cut in the veneer on top of the console. But, I only paid $95 for it and I always need a new project. Despite all it's problems I like this console and I look forward to getting started on it in the shop sometime soon. It has 11 tubes which are: 6A8G, 6F5G, 6J5G (x2), 6K7G, 6U5, 6V6G (x2), 6X5G (x2) and 7G7. Zenith 11S474

Be sure to also check out my 1951 Stromberg Carlson 1507 that is just out of the shop.

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