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It is a pleasure to welcome you to my antique radio web page. While I have only been collecting antique radios for a couple of years, I want to share some of the sights found in the world of antique radios. To start, check out my Radio Collection web page. There you will find some of my favorite types of radios including the "cathedral" types that are so familiar to the world of collecting antique radios. Philco LogoNext, visit the my Console web page to see some of the largest examples of antique radios. This is from a time when the radio was the centerpiece of home entertainment. RCA Logo In addition, I have been an Amateur Radio Operator for over 20 years (N4OZI) and you can't go that long without having a collection of what is known as Boatanchors. There you will see my Collins R-390 and my Central Electronics 200V along with TV-7D/U tube testers. Next take the tour of my Garage Radio Shop. Hickok Logo From there you'll be able to see some before and after photos of some radios that I have worked on or are currently working on. You will also see my cleaned work bench (the only time in history that it was ever that clean). And a photo of me standing by it. Also take a moment to check out some of the old radio and tube signs there.Zenith Logo If you are into checking out other people's web pages on antique radio then take a look at my Links web page. Atwater Kent Logo Finally the latest news and events can be found on the Coffee Shop web page. Check back often to see the latest announcements and news in the southeast.

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01/09/04 Ham Shack Visit the Ham Shack page to see the new photos of the N4OZI QTH.

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