The Garage Radio Shop

What are the chances that you will find me in my shop??

Well, let me first explain were my shop is. It is in my garage with no central air, in Atlanta GA, facing toward the west. So, you can bet that you won't find me there on a hot August afternoon! That's why my cool basement is my summer shop. Anyway, no matter what the temperature there are times that the work must be done out there and I try to schedule most of my summer work in the mornings.
My Sylvania clock is one of my favorite non-radio items. I love things like that and thought that it would look good up on the wall by my work bench.
So you want to see it. Well, here is the 50 cent tour. Okay, so the work bench is a little too neat and I admit that I cleaned things up for this photo. Part of the clean up was converting that 19 inch rack cabinet into a place to store my tubes. Problem is that the rack could not hold all my tubes. Maybe you have a better idea, if so please let me know.
My Sylvania Ad Clock

My shop on a clean day Here is a photo of my shop on still another clean day. What you don't see is all the junk hiding in the corners. As you can tell I still have some room on my walls for more signs. I think I spend more on old signs and tubes than I do on radios.
fuse box

Philco Battery Sign How's this for old? This old Philco battery sign came from Ron Ramirez when he was at the Atlanta Swap Meet. I'm not too sure how long Philco continued to make batteries after they started making radios but I would estimate that this sign came from the early 30s.

Another sign that I got at the Atlanta Swap Meet is this Channel Master sign/clock. It keeps good time and another feature I like is that you can turn the lights off without stopping the clock. Channel Master  Sign/Clock

Heathkit Tube Tester
Now let's take a look at some radios that I have been working on.

1. My first project was a Stromberg Carlson which I found in my father's basement.

2. Another project was a Air King 1000, which is a small 1937 AC/DC table radio.

I will continue to update this page as I finish my projects, so check back often.

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This page last updated 14 January 1999