The Background

The year is 2237. Earth is in post-apocalyptic and interstellar turmoil.

You are Yit, an alien-human hybrid who works for the United States Secret Service. You are characterized primarily by your greenish skin (from your father's side of the family) and the fact that you usually wear casual hats two sizes too small. The Secret Service has sent you on a mission to recover the stolen Statue of Liberty. An odd job indeed, but one that gives you the opportunity to impress your superiors, should you succeed. Following a trail of leads from Singapore to Hawaii, and then to New Zealand, your PX-7 Aero-Car malfunctions and crash-lands on the Australian continent. Although you survive the crash, your vehicle is unsalvageable, and you are forced to defend yourself amidst a collection of beasts in the wilds of New Queensland.

Alas, the only weapon in your arsenal that survived the crash unscathed is a Seitel-44 shotgun. It can do some pretty good damage, but it's a slow loader, and you only have 60 rounds The good news is that it supports various types of ammunition. If you can find some more ammo, you can reload your gun. One word of caution, however: this is a relatively weak gun. Modern technology has provided some levels of defense against it, and some beasts are said to have skins/shells thick enough to withstand the impact of Seitel blasts. You may not be able to destroy all of your opponents with one shot. Some you might not be able to destroy at all with the gun!

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