Playing the Game

You need Java!

Escape From Australia runs in a Java window. If you have a browser that doesn't support Java, you will be unable to play. Sorry.

Starting the Game

If you do have a Java-enabled browser, you can click here to go straight to the game. You'll be linked to another web page, which will load the game in a Java window. It will take a few minutes to load, depending upon the speed of your connection. When the game is loaded (you will know that it is finished because you will see a cartoon-like profile of Yit on the screen in a makeshift forest background), you must first point your mouse cursor on the screen and click once. I do not know why this has to be done, but until I figure it out, let's just play along, okay?

Once you have clicked on the screen, take the mouse cursor off of the Java screen and forget about it. You won't need your mouse to play the game. It's all keyboard driven. You use the arrow keys to move left, right, jump or duck. I think you're astute enough to figure out which keys enact a particular action. Anyway, you then use the space bar to shoot. Note that you have a limited supply of ammunition, so use those bullets sparingly!

Notice that when the game first starts, there is no challenge at all. Nothing is coming at you. There is nothing to shoot at. It's just you and the background. This is simply to give newcomers a feel for the game, and allow them to experiment with Yit's movements and shooting.

Going Places

The game is divided up into several "areas." Each area is a screenful of enemies, objects, and/or background. You enter a new area by moving Yit either to the extreme left or the extreme right of the screen. Note that in some areas you will begin in the middle of the screen, in others you will begin on the opposite side from where you exited the previous area.

Notice that there are also "entrances" in the middle of some screens. These "entrances" can be doors, portals, cave entrances, etc. To enter one of these entrances, simply position Yit over the entrance and hit the "E" button. Note that if a door is locked you will have to find a method of opening it.

Be patient. Each new area takes just a little while to load, depending upon the speed of your connection. If you check the bottom of your browser screen, you should see information telling you which graphic file is being loaded (example: "GT: Caching back2"). I left this in just to let you know that things are happening.

Death Becomes Thee

You die every time an enemy touches you, or an enemy fires a weapon and the projectile hits you. There are also other ways to die, which will become obvious as the game progresses. You have 6 "lives" when you begin the game. You get a free life every 75,000 points. Be careful, though, that you are not so busy racking up points that you run out of ammunition! Obviously, when you run out of lives, the game ends.


You get points for killing baddies, as well as for collecting items. Some baddies give time-sensitive points, i.e., the sooner you kill them the more points you get. Again, you get a free life every 100,000 points. Currently, there is no high score server in place. I'm working on it.


Pay attention to the bottom of your browser screen each time you enter a new area. You'll be given some information about that particular area that will help you win the game.


Speaking of winning, you win this game by (surprise) escaping from Australia! You'll find that the method of escaping from Australia, however, involves one of the most amazing coincidences in the history of humanity, and probably one of the biggest surprises.

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