Technical Issues/Problems

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Here are some currently outstanding technical issues/problems with respect to the game:

    1. It runs just fine with Netscoop or Internet Expletive on a Windows 95 platform. I've had multiple people try it and they seem to be able to run it without a hitch. I make no promises concerning other browsers, and I know for a fact that it doesn't run on Netscoop for OS/2 (v2.02). So, for all two of you out there who are using the OS/2 operating system - sorry.

    2. There is a known bug during which Yit will sometimes fall through the bottom of the screen, fall all the way down the screen, and land safely on the ground again (unless he is hit by either an enemy or an enemy's projectile). This only seems to happen if you hit the left or right arrow button at the same time as you hit up or down. I'm not sure exactly what causes it, but it happens pretty rarely. I've only been
    able to duplicate it once in an area that requires a lot of jumping. I'll keep an eye on it and try to fix it.

    3. If you are experiencing performance problems (slow game play, long lag times, etc.), see the tips section for information on performance improvement.

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