Tips for Faster, Smoother Game Play

1. Play the game again. It may sound crazy, but the game takes longer to load the first time that you play than every other time thereafter. This is because the first time you play, your web browser puts the game information into something that computer geeks refer to as a cache. Then, the second time that you play, and every time thereafter, the game retrieves the information from the cache, instead of over the network, greatly improving performance time.

2. If you're linking to this page from another page, consider coming straight to this page instead. If you are viewing this page through a frame, it could slow down the game play. The URL for this page is

3. Close any other applications that you might have running in the background. If you have too many things running, such as a newsreader, or something else that doesn't need to be running while you're playing the game, it could slow down the performance. Your operating system may access its swap file from time to time and that will cause noticeable pauses while you are playing the game.

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