A Christmas Carol

(sung to the tune of: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing")

Hark! The choir of earthly fools:
There's no right to pray in schools!
Misinterpret the Constitution,
Tell 'em no prayer at graduation.
Forget that prayer is a very good thing,
Teacher can no invocations bring.
The 10 Commandments can't be displayed,
The Court's afraid a kid might obey.

Tell those students that they did evolve,
But not of a God Who their problems can solve.
Throw those condoms in their face,
But don't dare tell them of loving grace.
Watch society plunge into woe,
While the High Court just says, "No."
Now the Court will take vacation
To celebrate God's incarnation.

Forget about our Christian culture,
Listen instead to a left-wing vulture.
We have chaplains in armed forces,
Paid for by government sources.
That's not wrong and for a darned good reason.
Government closes during the Christmas season.
Yet, they say that church and state
Must be kept completely separate.

Now I'm not trying to start a fight,
But Barry Lynn is wrong, not right.
The Constitution says nowhere
That teachers in school can't lead in prayer.
The same Congress that ratified the First
Hired chaplains with the public purse.
They began Congress with prayer
But public schools can do it nowhere.

Now Washington, in his farewell address
Said religion's in the public interest.
Madison and Lincoln declared a day
Specifically for people to thank and pray.
Each did this when he was President
Of the U.S. government.
Now, we're older, wiser. Sure!
Why then a society that's so impure?

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