The First Congress Held Congressional Prayers

Now, why would a group of men, starting a new country, who envisioned a total separation of religion and government begin a legislative session with morning prayer? I have read of one individual, apparently attempting to explain this practice away, who claimed that it was a tradition hard to be broken, and therefore maintained. But that claim is nothing more than speculative.

Again, this is an important historical consideration. First, as we have seen, it reveals the original intent of the framers. It can hardly be argued that a group of men who wanted to completely separate every vestige of religion from the government would do so by starting with prayer!

Second, it is important because prayer is a particularly spiritual exercise. It serves no other purpose but to invoke aid from God. Here is the ultimate example of religion within the government: prayer in Congress. And, mind you, done so by those who passed the amendment which some would have you to believe actually bans such things.

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