A Brief Satire

At this time of the year, countless government agencies will be closed for a holiday to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why are we standing by allowing this flagrant violation of church/state separation extremism to go unchecked? Where's the militant, radical "get everything out of government-funded projects that looks like religion" crowd? Is there no shred of decency in the halls of our various branches of governments?!? How dare they trample under foot the rights of atheists and cultists alike by publicly recognizing a holiday which has such a pro-Christian sentiment! And to think that they are PAYING employees for that day of vacation in honor of the Lord of Lords!

And, mind you, this day of vacation in honor of the birth of God's only begotten Son comes just after these same government agencies took a day of vacation for none other than... THANKSGIVING! Now, they can call it a generic "Thanksgiving" all they want, but we know the truth: It's an insidious attempt to recognize monotheism by the government. Intolerable according to the conventional misinterpretations of the Constitution.

We tell schoolchildren that teacher-led prayer in school is unconstitutional and then we turn around and what? We give them not one but MANY days off in favor of a holiday season which celebrates the birth of their Lord and Savior! What kind of hypocrisy is this? If we continue to do this, then our children might actually think that there is something IMPORTANT about the Christian faith. They might actually be more inclined to BELIEVE it. Such government-assisted indoctrination could lead to children growing up and actually OBEYING Christian virtues: sexual morality, a work ethic, respect for human life, giving, caring, diligence, good language, hospitality, etc. Needless to say, the government should certainly not be subsidizing such godly living.

Just think about it, how will all of those youngsters whose 17th (or 16th) birthdays coincidentally fall on December 25 be able to go get their driver's licenses? They can't! This is because those government officials are taking it easy on a day meant to celebrate the birth of God in the flesh. What about those folks who want to pick up a new Social Security card on that day? They can't. Those government employees are instead singing Christmas Carols and violating an Unconstitutional principle that has suddenly become Constitutional.

Where is the ACLU waving the precious clause of the First Amendment and quoting its historical revisionists? Where is the "Reverend" Barry Lynn when you need him? Where's the Americans United For the Promotion Of Something That's Not In The Constitution - excuse me... Americans United For the Separation of Church and State? Where are the American Atheists? Are they still too busy suing the city of Zion, IL because the municipality had a cross on its flag to not take up this significantly greater cause?

Please, by all means, send all the money stamped with "In God We Trust" that you can to one or more of the above named organizations to fight this wretched abuse and wicked wielding of governmental excess!

And Merry Christmas!

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