U.K. Vacation 2009

Blarney Castle

This is a web site devoted to having fun and seeing three amazing countries.

Take a look at this web site as it will describe a sample trip itinerary.† It outlines the travel days and methods, some of the major cities we can visit and many of the things and places we have only heard of or seen on TV.† This is only a suggestion of a timeline, it can get customized to focus on locations or themes as desired.† Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.† Because I have already been to many of these places I can give you my opinions but if you decide to go it would be good for you to look around on various web sites to see what you might like.† Also, there are things we can do to try and keep costs down such as B&Bís instead of hotels.† That does two things.† It saves a little money plus it allows us to meet the local people which is part of the reason to visit foreign countries.† The people in the U.K. and Ireland are very friendly although sometimes it is kind of hard to understand them...lol.† If you decide you cannot make this trip keep it in mind and maybe we can try again next year...no big deal.