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Christian's Danish Recipes

Welcome to my site! Here is a collection of over 600 Danish recipes. It started out from my interest in where my dad's family came from, and my mom's love of cooking. I've collected these recipes over a number of years from numerous sources. I created this website from my collection really just to teach myself html. Below you'll find links to various types of recipes. The formats are simple, and I'm just not that fussy about my site's appearance (can you tell?), although if anyone has image files of any of the recipes here, I'll put them in and give credit for them if you wish. If anyone has questions or suggestions, you can send me email at cborgnaes at mindspring dot com. I'd be very interested in backgrounds on any of the recipes here, stories anyone may have about any of them, or any recipes I may have missed. Here is a particularly good history of Danish food.

Mobile Site

- Go here to view from a mobile device like a phone or tablet, without frames. Recipes are set up 1 per page.

Anyway, here are the categories:

CyberSoup and Other Recipes from the WWW
Professor Andree's Danish Page
All Cooking Schools website
1st For Tea