Cabbage with Forcemeat - Farseret Hvidkål

Serves 6 Wash cabbage, drain and let stand inverted in cold water 1 hour or longer. Drain and rinse. Cut off outer leaves and save them. Scoop out the center of the cabbage, leaving enough of the exterior to make a strong wall. Pour hot water into the cabbage, drain, pour cold water into the head, drain, and fill with force meat.

Make a lid of the cabbage leaves you have saved. Tie them in place with a string. Place in a deep kettle. Add salt and enough boiling water to half cover the cabbage. Cover the kettle with a lid and boil gently for 3 hours.

To serve, remove the string and the lid of leaves and turn the cabbage onto a warm serving plate with the forcemeat down. Serve with melted butter or cream sauce.