Corned Beef - Sprængt Oksekød

Serves 8 After rinsing the meat under running water, cover with water in a kettle. Add the rest of the ingredients, cover and bring to the boiling point. Reduce the heat and let simmer until done, usually an hour to the pound.

Cabbage may be cooked in the juice after the meat has been removed. Tie the head of the cabbage so when done it will cut easily into good sized wedges. (Cook cabbage until just barely tender.)

Just before serving, score the fat of the corned beef with a sharp knife. Spread well with a mixture of prepared mustard and brown sugar. Place under the broiler about 15 minutes, or until well glazed.

Add spice to your corned beef with:


Whip the sour cream.
Blend the horseradish well with the vinegar and salt. Add a pinch of paprika if desired. Blend well with sour cream.