Danish Style Hamburgers - Dansk Bøf med Løg

Serves 4 Clean the onions and cut them in medium-sized pieces (half rings ½" width) Brown onions slightly in a skillet with half of the butter until they are just soft and keep them warm in a warming drawer.
Divide the meat in 8 and shape them as hamburgers about ¾" thick and press as much air out of the meat as possible. Turn them in the flour, put them in the skillet and brown them quickly on both sides with high temperature in the rest of the butter. Finish cooking over medium temperature about 6-8 minutes and turn often.
Place them in a 2" high dish and put the onions on top.
Add broth to the skillet and thicken the gravy with flour and add gravy colour and other spices/ingredient to taste. E.g. Paprika, Whipping cream, red current jelly can make a delicious taste.
Pour the gravy in the dish and let it marinate the hamburgers and serve.
Serve with white potatoes and red beets.
Leftovers can easily be reheated in microwave.

Notes: medium ground beef shrinks with cooking, but gives more taste than lean beef.

It's common in Denmark to put a cold Dansk Bøf on an open face sandwich (smørrebrød) with a warm fried egg on top.

Thanks to Karl Karstensen for this one