Quick Oatmeal Bread - Knækkebrød

Makes 1 loaf

Melt the butter and add the sour milk. (To turn sweet milk sour, add 2¼ tablespoons of lemon juice or 2 tablespoons of vinegar to hte above amount of lukewarm milk. Allow to stand a few moments before combining with other ingredients.) Add other ingredients. (If you can't buy finely ground oatmeal, put regular packaged oatmeal through a food grinder, using the finest blade you have, or an electric blender.)

Roll out to a thickness of ¼" on a floured board. Make a long roll about 1½" thick. Cut off small pieces and roll out into round shapes about the size of a small dinner plate, ½" thick. Bake on a preheated greased griddle until light golden brown on one side. Turn only once, and bake until brown on other side.