Roast Loin of Pork - Svinesteg

Serves 6 Have your butcher slit the pork loin lengthwise. Salt and pepper it and fill the cavity with slices of pared tart apples and prunes. Tie or skewer the roast.

Brown on all sides in butter in a roasting pan. Add a little water at first, then baste with as much cream as you need to keep the bottom of the pan moist.

Let simmer 25 minutes on top of the stove, uncovered.

Roast 3½ hours in a preheated 350° oven. Reduce heat to 275 degrees. Add the wine and baste often for the next 40 minutes.

For a change of flavor, try the following instead of the apple-and-prune stuffing (pork does not have to be slit for this):


Mix ingredients in order given. Place in mounds around the pork loin roast during the last ¾ hour of roasting. Dressing should be nicely browned.