Roast Wild Ducks - Andesteg

Serves 6

Draw ducks (get directions from the hunter or his wife about this if you're not an expert) and clean each inside and out. Wipe them with gin. Place in each cavity an apple, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 small onion studded with cloves, and 2 sprigs of parsley. Sew or skewer the openings, and rub the outside of each fowl with butter and pepper.

Roast the ducks in a fairly hot oven (preheated to 450 degrees) for 20 to 26 minutes. Baste with melted butter and 2 tablespoons of wine per bird.

Lower the heat to 350 degrees and roast until the joints move easily, indicating that the ducks are cooked. Remove from oven, pour cognac over birds, ignite, and let flame die.

Remove to warm platter or serving tray and carve.

To the juices in the roasting pan add ½ cup red wine, 1 tablespoon butter, flour and salt to taste. Heat the sauce for a few moments, stirring constantly.

Serve with wild rice tossed with mushrooms and almonds. Prosaic old turnips are a wonderful side dish with wild ducks.