Winter Pea Soup (Yellow) - Gule ærter

The most typical winter soup, boiled on pork, is gule ærter. It is a splendid dish, comparatively cheap, and considered lordly fare. If yellow split peas are unobtainable, dried green peas will do.

Serves 6

Put the peas to soak overnight and boil them in 3 pints of unsalted water. Let the pork simmer separately with some green tops of celery, 2 leeks, thyme and a celeriac. When the pork is tender, take it out and keep it warm while the peas are being pressed through a sieve adn mixed with the stock (from which all fat should have been skimmed). Boiled potatoes and the vegetables are cut in pieces and put in the tureen. The pork is served with the soup.