The Golden Dawn

That's Marguerita Sylva, Louise Hunter and Paul Gregory from the opriginal 1927 stage production


Dago Carlo Benetti
Anzac Archie Leach
Gideon Len Mence
Mooda Marguerita Sylva
Hasmali Kumar Goshal
Captain Eric Reginald Pasch
Sister Hedwig Paula Ayres
Shep Keyes Robert Chisholm
Steve Allen Paul Gregory
Blink Jones Gil Squires
Sir Alfred Hammersley Olin Howland
Dawn Louise Hunter
Johanna Nydia D'Arnell
Colonel Judson W. Messenger Bellis
Ann Milford Barbara Newberry
Dr. Milford Henry Pemberton
An Old Man of Africa Robert Paton Gibbs
A Witch Dancer Jacques Cartier
A Dancing Girl Kohana
Mombassa Moll Hazel Drury


Book and Lyrics Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstain 2nd
Music Emmerich Kalman & Herbert Stothart
Settings Josef Urban
Costume Research & Design Mark Mooring
Conductor Herbert Stothart

Created in 1997, © by Christopher S. Connelly.
All rights reserved.