Golden Dawn

Tom Allen Walter Woolf
Dawn Vivienne Segal
Shep Keyes Noah Beery
Mooda Alice Gentle
Duke Dick Henderson
Pigeon Lupino Lane
Johanna Marion Byron
Col. Judson Edward Martindel
Maid-in-Waiting Nina Quartero
Piper Sojin
Capt. Eric Otto Matieson
Sister Hedwig Julanne Johnston
Blink Lee Moran
Nasmali Nigel De Brulier
Napoli Nick De Ruiz

Director Ray Enright
Assistant Director William McGann
Based on the Musical Play by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstain 2nd
Adaptation Screenplay Walter Anthony
Music Emmerich Kalman & Herbert Stothart
Additional Music Robert Stolz, Harry Akst, Robert Emmett Dolan
Additional Lyrics Grant Clarke, Walter O'Keefe
Recording Engineer Glenn E. Rominger
Photography Dev Jennings, Frank Good
Musical Director Louis Silvers
Originally filmed entirely in Technicolor

Africa Smiles No More Gentle
Scene and Recitative from Act 1 Chorus
The Whip Beery
My Bwanna Segal, men
We Two Byron, Henderson
Dawn Woolf
Mulunghu Thabu Dancers
Little Girl, Little Girl Gentle
Here in the Dark Woolf
My Bwanna (reprise) Segal
In a Jungl Bungalow Lane, men
You Know the Type - a Tiger (reprise) Byron, Moran
We Two (reprise) Henderson
Finale: Dawn (reprise) Chorus, Woolf, Segal, De Brulier
You Know the Type - a Tiger Byron

Created in 1997, © by Christopher S. Connelly.
All rights reserved.