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Before Judy ... before Ethel ... before Liza, Babs, Patti, Betty, Elaine, Bernadette, Bette and the rest ... there was Helen Morgan.

She was the orginal torch singer; the first woman to get really drunk, sit on top of a piano and sing sad songs about how she loves her man but he treats her like dirt but she loves him anyway. During her hey-day, the 1920s and '30s, she ruled supreme from atop a Steinway in dozens of cabarets. Her sad songs made even the hardest bootlegger cry in his beer. Literally placed on a pedestal, she was the true "untouchable" of the Jazz Age. Men worshipped her but couldn't save her, while she desperately sought a love she could never hope to obtain. And no one since wielded the same magical control over an audience.

This page is not only being created in preparation of my upcoming biography of the chanteuse. More importantly, it aspires to be a forum to celebrate her life, her times, and her art. Links to her stage shows, recordings and movies appear below.

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