Kiss Me Kate
at the Oper Chemnitz, Germany

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Kiss Me Kate Brush up your Shakespeare Kate

The Chemnitz Opera produced Kiss me Kate as vital and turbulent action. The American director Carey Kugler (for the first time in Germany) knew how to set his ensemble into swing and how to keep them there, from the dancers, to the chorus to the soloists.... The orchestra pit played its role in the entract to the second act which the director used to perfection. Every detail was perfectly timed, the stage machinery used to its fullest. The principles were top notch, the diologues blending seamlessly into musical theater that one seldom experiences. ....Short and sweet, everything was a fitting part in a perfect and exciting production that the audience enthusiastically celebrated. What more can you wish for?
Sächsische Zeitung, Saxony,Germany January 31. 2000

Kate and Petrucchio Jürgen Mutze und Gottfried Winter Kiss me Kate Kiss me Kate

Kiss me Kate in Chemnitz director Carey Kugler sexy dancers!

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