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Charles' Birth/Early Life

Marriage to Susan Wood

Enlists with 5th SC Regiment

Wounded at Manassas (1st Bull Run)

Wounded at Ft. Harrison

Wounded at Derbytown

After War Moves to Alabama

Big Family: 11 Children

Susan's Life/Origin



ch-sue.jpg (29948 bytes)
Take a close look at the photograph and note that  Charles does not have a "Trigger Finger" on his right hand.  A story told to me by Era Lawson Mintz confirms that a miniball hit him in the hand.  It is hard to see in this photo that has been copied & copied but the left side of Susan's face is indented. It is said that she had a seizure and was paralized on her left side. 

Susan's Life / Origin









Susan's name: In a probate record her name is listed as: Nanny F. Susannah Dill Wood. Of course there is a chance that this may be a mistake. But I am positive the F. in her name was Fanny because descendants of  Fannie Green Mintz Gaston  have consistently told me that Fannie was named for her mother/grandmother, for you see the 'Green' part of  her name also comes from Fanny's maternal grandmother: Fannie Acre Green.

Susan was the daughter of Matthew (Matt) George Wood and Susannah Green, who lived in the York county area of South Carolina. Susannah Green's parents were Jacob Green and Fannie Acre. Alot more research needs to be done on this family but I believe that one of the reasons that Charles & Susan moved to Alabama was to be with her parents, and grandparents. It appears that Matt and Susannah Wood, and Jacob and Fannie Green, moved to Alabama in the 1820's prior to Alabama becoming a state.

Jacob Green (b. 1767) and  Fannie Acre moved from York, SC to St Clair, Ala. round about 1820. They are suppose to be buried in the Hopewell Cemetery in St Clair.