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Why & how did, Charles & Susan, leave South Carolina, with four small children in tow, and move to Alabama? There is no definitive answer to this question. However, I do have some thoughts on it which I will share- aware that a historian can go beyond his evidence only at his own peril.

I started working on Mintz family history in 1988. This work involved traveling to NC, SC and Ala. writing letters, making telephone calls and lots and lots of library time. My favorite part was the visiting. I loved to listen to all the oldest relatives I could find, sad to say, many of them no longer around. My "hear-say" history comes from Carol Scott, Ed Mintz, "Aunt" Rena, Milton Stewart, Marion Gaston,  Era Lawson Mintz and many others. Working with Sandra Elliott, Bob Vogels and Greg Moore kept me on my toes. When you are around experts, you not only want to do your best, but you are challenged to do the best work you can. Well enough of the kudos.

I believe that after the Civil War, Charles visited Alabama on two separate occassions seeking out land. I think his old childhood friend L.G.Wiley helped him find land and move to the area.  The reasons they moved to Alabama: (1) Susan's parents and grandparents had already moved to Alabama in the 1820's, (2) Charles' friend and "next door neighbor", Lawson George Wiley, had moved to Alabama prior to the Civil War, (3) land was cheap, and (4) the economy in South Carolina was devastated. Remember, Sherman had gone through South Carolina on his march to Atlanta. Several stories, that I have not been able to confirm, relate how the Yankees destroyed the two Iron Works that John B. worked for or owned.

We know that Lawson George Wiley moved from South Carolina to Alabama prior to the Civil War. The 1850 SC Census tells us that the Wileys are living "next door" to the Mintz's. Lawson George is 13 years old and living with his father, Samuel.  We next find 23 year old, Lawson George, in the 1860 Calhoun, Alabama census, where he is working as a laborer, on the farm of John and MinevaWalker. In the 1870 Alabama Census we find that Charles has moved next door to the Wileys, and lo and behold, we find Marcus, Charles oldest son, working as a laborer on the Wiley farm. We also take note that 30 year old George Wiley is married to 33 year old, Sarah A. Gore and the couple has three daughters,  8 year old NEE ?, 6 year old Mary Catherine, and 4 year old, Iantha Jane. Sarah's mom, 60 year old, Emma Gore, is also living with them.

During the Civil War, Lawson George (L.G.) Wiley, enlisted with the Alabama 18th infantry.

I have read some poems, stories and letters that Jane Wiley wrote, to her cousins, back in South Carolina. Era Lawson Mintz's son, David, now has these precious mementoes.