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Charles Francis (31 July 1879 - 25 July 1953) born in Calhoun county, Ala was the oldest son of James Marcus L. & Mary Molly Howard. Charles had 8 other siblings, 5 sisters and 3 brothers (includes Jody).  

There was a large discrepacy in ages between the oldest and the youngest sibling. Charles probably did not have much interaction with his younger brother and sisters. Consider that in 1903, when he was 24 years old, his sister, Lorena was born (24th July), only 4 months later, he married (29th Nov) Beulah Vester Dulaney.

Charles died on 25th July 1953 and Beulah in 1973. They are buried in the Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston, Ala.

Children of Charles Francis Mintz and Beulah Vester Dulaney

Iva Lee (26 1907 - 29 Dec 1984) She married Abraham E. Fishkin. They had 3 children: 2 sons and a daughter.

Troy Clayton, (2 Jan 1910 - 27 Apr 1984). He married Sara Box. They had one adopted son.

Zora Fay, (11 May 1912 - 27 Jan 1986) She married Melvin M. Gardner. They had 6 children: 5 sons and 1 daughter.

Audrey Forrest, (19 March 1916 - ) He married Iva Mae Thompson. They resided in Keystone Heights, Fla. They had one daughter.

Charles Frank, (15 Oct 1918 - )

Edward Seaman, (14 April 1921 -  )  Last time I talked to him he was alive & well in Coca Beach, Fla.

Ella Rheba, (9 Sept 1926- 6 Mar 1975) married Radford Lynn Stedman. They had 4 children. 1 son & three daughters.   Note: Rheba's twin died at birth.

IvaLee_TroyClayton.jpg (27532 bytes)  It is my understanding that the photos of Iva &Troy and Charles & Beulah are in the possession of Doug Fishkin, who lives in Seattle, Washington.