Fanny Green Mintz

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Fannie Green Mintz, the 6th child of Charles and Susan, came into this world on 10 May 1871, in Jacksonville, Calhoun county Ala.  Fannie died on 18th Sept 1943.

Fannie was named for her maternal grandmother, Fannie Acre Green. Fannie's mother, Susan Wood, was the daughter of Matt George Wood and Susannah Green and Susannah Green was the daughter of Jacob Green and  Fanny Acre.

Fannie married George Perry Woodard, a farmer. George was born on 18th July 1868.

George was a farmer. His son, Gaston, told me that his father always wore a grey white handle bar mustache, which he shaved only once, for jury duty. Gaston also told me his father died on 13th Nov 1954 from pneumonia. A condition brought on from a fracturing or breaking seven ribs caused by a fall off a lumber pile. Both are at rest in the Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery, in Reads Mill, Ala.

George and Fannie had eight children:

Wilsie, ( ? 1888 - Nov 1907)

Grover Guyton, ( ? -?)

Trixie Zephyr, (4 Nov 1894 - 18th mar 1985)

Ethel Eulah, (22 Sept 1897 - 15 Dec 1975)

Horace, (died as an infant)

Maggie, (died at 6 months of age)

Jamie Walter, (10 Oct 1903 - 4 Dec 1972)

Marion Gaston, ( 6 April 1906 - ?)