Slave & Tax Census

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The Land Tax Book, Cleveland County, NC,  Captain Forbes District 1853 for 1854

The Land Tax Book, Cleveland County, NC,  Captain W. Y. Martins District 1854 for 1855

The Land Tax Book, Cleveland County, NC,  Captain Martins Company For 1855

YEAR No. Acre Value Twn Lot Value WP BP Stud Season
1853 134 $ 2,000 4 1 free black pole
1854 134 $ 2,000 4 1 $5
1855 134


$ 3,000



   NORTH CAROLINA "NEIGHBORS" from the TAX ROLLS 1853-1855  

Hambright, Albert Mabery, M. A. Putman, M.L.
Hambright, M. A. Martin, Eunice Putman, Elizabeth
Martin, Posey Putman, Simeon & Leroy
Harry, John Martin, W.Y.M Saratt, Tilman
Harry, William Miller, W. J. T. Randal, Isaac N. Starnes, John
Hicks, David McFaddin, J.W. P. Randall, Silas Swan, Rueben
Howell, William McGill, John Rippy, Mastin
Hopper, Joab Moore, W. M Rippy, James Turner, C. F.
Hopper, John Mullinax, Brison Roark, R. M Turner, Elijah
Hullinder, Nicholas Roberts, Rufus Turner, Matthias
Neal, William Roberts, John A.
Logan, William Roberts, Henderson Warren, A. E.
Lowery, John Patterson, John Roberts, M.H. D. Wesson, Edward
Lowery, Thomas Patterson, Thomas Roberts, W. C. Wesson, Luke
Lowery, William Price, E. A. Whisnant, David
Price, Ezekial Whisnant, Michael

Looking at the Tax Records for the period 1853-1855 we can gather information about population density and catch a glimpse of the wealth, as judged by the taxman, that is in the area.

We can also meet the neighbors, the people next door that we do business with. For instance, look at the name James Rippy, he sold land to J.B.

We see another "neighbor,"  W. J. T. Miller, acting as agent for Abial Elliott, the seller of interest in Buffalo Forge which J.B. bought in 1853.


According to the 1850
York County, SC census Slave Inhabitants
John Mints owned the following slaves::
1.  20 year Female
2.  30 year Male
3.  30 year Female
4.  12 year Female
5.   8 year Female
6.   6 year Female
7.   4 year Male
8.   1 year Female



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I "rearranged"  this map to show the range of  JB's activities along the Broad River basin.