Buffalo Forge Iron Works

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                     PAGE 1 of 2 pages: Document SELLING a 1/2 interest in Forge to JB:

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                       PAGE 2 of 2 pages: Document SELLING a 1/2 interest in Forge to JB:


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State of Pennsylvania

County of Philadelphia

I, John Brodhead, a commissioner resident in Pennsylvania, duly appointed
by the Governor of the state of North Carolina to take acknowledgements of
deeds, so do certify that on the twenty second day of April in the year One
Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three before me personally appeared the
within named Abial Elliott, who is known to me to be the individual
described in, and who executed the within indenture and having first made
known unto me the contents thereof, he did acknowledge that he signed
sealed & delivered the same as his voluntary act and deed for the purpose
therein mentioned.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal at the
City of Philadelphia this the 22nd day of April AD 1853.

John Brodhead

A commissioner of the State of

North Carolina resident in

the State of Pennsylvania

Registered the 4th day of December AD 1855

C. Carpenter, Registrar

NO 75

This Indenture made the 17th day of October One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Fifty five, between W. J. I. Miller, as agent of Abial Elliott, of the
County of Cleaveland and State of North Carolina of the one part, and John
B. Mintz of York District, S.C. of the other part.

Witnessth, that the said W. J. T. Miller, acting as under the power of
attorney, from Abial Elliott, of the State of Pennsylvania, for certain
purposes, there in contained, did put to sale one-half of his undivided
interest in the Buffalo Forge with all of its appurtenances, lands, mills,
etc and that the said J. B. Mintz (the owner of the other half ???? of said
property) did hear the last and highest bidder on the 23rd day of May 1853,
for the sum of thirty six hundred dollars, now for and in consideration of
the sum of Eighteen hundred dollars, to me in hand paid, by the said J. B.
Mintz, the receipt whereof the said W. I. T. Miller (as agent) doth hereby
acknowledge, hath given, granted, bargain, and sold, deeded ??? and
confirmed, and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain and sell, deed
???? and confirm and the said John B. Mintz, his heirs and assigns forever.
One half of the tract of land, whereon the Forge, Mills, and improvements
are situated, beginning at a small hickory at the fork of Buffalo Creek,
thence South 72 degrees East 50 poles to a Walnut Tree


thence North 4 degrees West to a stake (down the meanders of the creek) to
a Black Gum Tree, thence crossing said Creek North 3 degrees West, 26 poles
to a walnut tree, thence N. 30 degrees West 16 poles to a stake on  Rock,
thence South 59 degrees West, 32 poles to a stake in the Road, thence South
60 degrees West, 25 poles to a White Oak, McAfees corner, thence South 40
degrees East, 18 poles to an Ash stump on the Bank of Buffalo Creek, thence
to the beginning -- containing Fourteen Acres and Thirty ???????? be the
same more or less, formerly purchased of James Rippy, Martin Rippy and
Mathias Trisman also his undivided half as interest in another Grant
adjoining the same.
Beginning on an ash stump on the North-West side of Buffalo Creek running
south 40 degrees West, 18 poles to a White Oak, thence South 36 degrees
West, 54 poles to a Dogwood, thence North 54 degrees West, 136 poles to a
Black Gum, thence North 34 degrees East, 157 poles, to a Post Oak on the
South side of the Road, thence with the meander of the Road to the ford of
Buffalo Creek, thence with the meander of said creek to the beginning, with
the understanding that three acres of the above is included in the former
tract sold by James Rippy containing one hundred and twenty acres more or
less, and also all the woods ways, water and water courses, mines,
minerals, and all and every, the appurtenances thereunto belonging, and the
remainder and remanding, reversion and reverting of the aforesaid lands and
premises and every part thereof, on all of the estate, right, title,
interest, claim property and ??????? whatsoever of the W. J. T. Miller (as
agent of Abial Elliott) & to hold the said lands and premises hereby
granted with all its appurtenances to the said J.B. Mintz, his heirs and
assigns forever.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and date above

Sealed and delivered

In presence of W. G. William (SIG)

John Stoms Agent of Abial Elliott

D. M. Miller

State of North Carolina The within Deed of conveyance Cleaveland County was
duly acknowledged before Mr. Silas Williams Clerk of the Court of Pleas and
Quarters Sessions for Cleaveland County by W. I T. Miller, the Grantor
November the 19th 1855.

Certified L. Williams, Clerk

Registered the 4th day of December AD 1855,

C. Carpenter, Registrar


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Look at the present day road between Patterson Springs and Grover

Halfway between where the Buffalo Creek crosses heading Southwest to Northeast.  
Trace Buffalo Creek back to where it flows south into the Broad River.


IF This does not work then: Enter these Coordinates:

Latitude: 35.20191    Longitude:-81.49088     Map Scale:0.250