JB's Will & Testament

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  Following is a typed version of JB Mintz's Last Will and Testament: I still can't make out a few words. Below is a photo of  page 1 of JB's Will.

State of South Carolina

York County

In the name of God Amen.  I  J. B. Mintz, of York County South Carolina being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but heedful of the approach of death, do make and approve this my last will and testament, in the manner and for as follows: to wit,

1st  I direct my executor or executors hereinafter named, to collect all my outstanding debts due me, and to pay all my finals debts, that may be legally established before them.

2nd I direct my executors, as soon as they may think it practicable, to advertise for fifteen days and sell all my real property, for cash, making to the purchaser or purchasers good and sufficient tittle for the same.

3rd I direct and empower my executors to sell such of my real estate as does not lie immediately ? my homestead, in such quantities in each tract so sold, and on such times and at such times, as they may deem to the best interest of said estate, either at private or public sale.

4th I give and bequeath to my son J. S. Mintz, the sum of thirty dollars ($30) and direct my executor to pay the same and all other gifts and bequest heretofore mentioned.

5th I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Fannie Irene Mintz, the sum of three hundred dollars ($300), cash.

6th I give and bequeath to John Mintz, son of Drayton D. Mintz, the sum of thirty dollars ($30), cash.

7th I give and bequeath to Charles H. Mintz, my son, the sum of one hundred dollars ($100), cash.

8th I give and bequeath to Mary J. Mintz, my daughter, now the wife of W.D. Gaston, the sum of Seven hundred dollars ($700), cash.

9th I give and bequeath to my daughter, Madora M. Mintz, now the wife of J. W. Rhyme, the sum of Seven hundred dollars ($700), cash.

10th I give and bequeath to Victoria Mintz, my daughter, now the wife of D.D.Gaston, the sum of Seven hundred dollars ($700), cash.

11th I will and direct that whenever enough of my real estate, with the ?? is sold, to pay my debts, legacies, bequests and the expenses incident to carrying out the provisions of this will, are paid,  as herein provided, that my executors divide the remainder and residue of my real estate equally, half of my real equally, half and half- between my sons, James Ed Mintz and Joseph E. Mintz and I do authorize and empower my executor to make a deed of conveyance in fee simple of one half of the residue herein and a deed in fee tail of the other one half of the residue to James Ed Mintz conveying a life interest in the said land, its rents and profits, to the said land, its rents and profits, to the said J. Ed Mintz and at his death, to decease and to be ? and in fee simple by the lawful heir of his body, share and share alike.

12th If any of the witness named persons, to whom I have given real estate or personal property, should predecease me, as testator, without heirs, I direct my executors to prorate the amount so given to him or her, equally among all my heirs herein mentioned, and if he or she predecease me, leaving children, that the amount so given the deceased go to her or his children, to be equally divided among them.

13th I constitute and appoint Ira Hardin and Dr. William Anderson, executors of this my last will, with full power and authority to carry out and enforce all its provisions.

In witness whereof, I have signed and sealed this and published and declared this same as and for my last will and testament this   day February 1892.

witness of                                                                                 J. B. Mintz (seal)

Signature  J. G. Black

                M.R. Reese

                I. W. Hardin


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