James Marcus Mintz

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James Marcus L. Mintz, oldest son of Charles and Susan, has a striking resemblence to his father,  especially around the eyes. James Marcus L. was born in York, SC on 13th August 1856.

Sometime between 1866 and 1868 Charles moves his family to Alabama. The 5th child, Ellen will be born in Alabama in 1868. Marcus was 9 or 10 years old when the family moved to Alabama.

The 1870 Calhoun, Alabama census tells us that 13 year old Marcus is working as a laborer on the farm of Lawson George Wiley. This is significant to me. It shows that the Wiley and the Mintz families were very close. Not only does Charles move next door to his childhood friend, but his oldest son will work on his friend's farm, and later on, two of his sons will marry his friends' daughters.  

Mark and Mary Molly Howard (12 Feb 1859 - 12 Nov 1922) will get married on 11th Oct 1877, in Calhoun county. The ceremony was performed  by Wiley Woodall. The marriage license was  issued, on 28 Sept 1877, by L.W. Cannnon, Judge of Probate.

The couple had 9 children: three sons and five daughters, and adopted a son, Jody. There was a large discrepacy in ages between the oldest and the youngest children. The difference in ages between Charles and Lorena was 24 years, and Jody was younger than Lorena.

Charles Francis, (1st July 1879 - 25 July 1953)

Mary Susan, (17th Jan 1880 - 8 Oct 1903)

William Marcus, (9th Nov 1882 - 27 Aug 1904)

Maggie E. (7th Jan 1887 -16 Aug 1917)

Sally Exer, (10 Sept  1889 - 23 Apr 1962)

Thomas Edward, (9th May 1894 - 5th Dec 1917)

Johnnie LaFayette, (2nd May 1898 -21st March 1966)  Johnie, married Ellis Truitt on 22 Feb 1917. The cermony  performed by Thomas W. Coleman, Jr., Judge of Probate.

Lorena, (15 July 1903-  )

Jody McCollum Mintz was adopted by Mark and Molly when he was 4 years old. Jody came from a family of 12 or 13 children who were literally starving to death. It is difficult to track down much information on Jody and the McCollum family. They were 'mountain people' that invaded census takers. Jody married and  had 1 known child, Roger Dale Mintz.

Mark and Mary are buried in the Cane Creek cemetery, Calhoun Ala.