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Charles Ranson Mintz (10 April 1896 - 12 Aug 1976) "Rance" as he was known, was the 1st  born son of Jake and Nanny Heathcock.

Eager to join the action in WWI Rance quit school and enlisted in the Army. He lied about his age to enlist.

After the War, he married Louvenia "Vennie" Weldon and settled down in Calhoun county, Ala where he made his living as a farmer. He also worked as a groundskeeper for a regional hospital.

Vennie, daughter of Joe Weldon and Elizabeth Kennedy was born 4 March 1904, according to her birth certificate, but 4th April according to her gravestone. She died on 10 Oct 1972.

Both Vennie and Rance are at rest in the Bethel Methodist Cemetery.

Vennie and Rance had 7 children:

William Foster, (13 Mar 1922 -?)

Arthur Ray, (29 Jan 1923 - 8th June 1990)

Justain Heber, (3 Mar 1924- died in infancy)

Elizabeth, (1 June 1925- died in infancy)

Marie Inez, (16 May 1928 - )

Nannie Lou, (5 Feb 1930 - )

Millie Ruth, (25 Oct 1940 - )




















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Daughter of  Elihu Hably Griffin and Alice Amanda Bryant

Mae was born 7 Nov 1900.



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Carl Frederick Jr.  (23 July 1898 - 21 Nov 1978)

Carl, the 2nd child of Jake and Nanny Heathcock, was born in Calhoun county, Ala. on 23 July1898.

Fred earned his living mostly as a farmer. He supplemented his income by working for the J. I. Case Company, a tractor manufacturer.  Fred married on 11th Nov 1917 to Mae Belle Griffin. ? Date of her death is unknown.

Fred and Mae are buried at Pilgrim's Rest, Etowah, Ala.   The couple had 6 children:

Carl Frederick Jr. (11 Aug 1918 - 8 Dec 1952)

Charles Ralph, (21 Sept 1920 - )

Jewel Lee, ( 25 Mar 1925 - )

Eva Mae, (29 Sept 1925 - )

Julia Ruth, (29 Sept 1930 -  )

Clarence Edwin, (18 Sept 1940 - )

Roy Lee, (26 Sept 1903 )

Roy, a farmer, married Victoria Vice on 4th Oct 1932.

Victoria, daughter of, William Lender Vice and Ida Lee was born 5th Jan 1912.

Roy and Victoria had 1 child, a son.

Roy Douglas (12 June 1939 died in infancy) at rest in the Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery.






William James, (13 Mar 1906- 16th May 1997)

William graduated from Ohatchee High School in May 1927 and attended Howard College from 1928-1929. He worked for Monsanto (1933) in West Anniston and then earned his living as a self-employed electrician.

William married Dussie Floretta Kiker on 31st March 1934. Dussie, a daughter of Joseph Homer Kiker and Margaret Elizabeth Pounds was born on 24 Feb 1912, in Tallapoosa, Ga. Dussie, married previously to John Webb, had a son by that marriage, Calvin Coulidge Webb (13 Aug 1929).

William and Dussie had three children:

Charles Thomas, (9th Oct 1936 -)

Annie Sue, (9th July 1940 -)  now living in Washington state.

James Jake (23rd Aug 1942 )  married Linda Diane Green in 1965.   They had 3 children,  Karen Jo,(6 April 1965), David Wayne,( 5 June 1966), and Ann Marie (26 Aug 1981).

Karen Jo married Lonnie Charles "Charlie" Mitchell in 1986.  They have 1 child, Seth Taylor Mitchell, (31 Dec 1986)


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Clara Ailee, (13 Dec 1912 -)





Minnie Lou (6 April 1914 -)

Daughter of Jake W. Mintz and Lizzie Morris. Minnie married in Calhoun county on 23 Oct 1932 to Russell Woodrow Vice.

Russell, a son of William Lee Vice and Ida Lee was born 7th Aug 1914.

Minnie and Russell live in Gadsden, Ala. where he worked as a farmer and was employed at the LTV steel plant.

They had three children:

Russell Lamar, (9 Jun 1933 - )

Edna Marie, (22 Oct 1937- )

Stanley Terry, (13 Oct 1951 - )

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