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Second Generation: James Henry Edwin Mintz and Amelia Elizabeth Haas

James Henry Edwin Mintz was born 7 Aug 1848 in Union County, SC., 4th son of John B. and Jane K. Mintz. Ed inherited a portion of  his father's estate and farmed it most of his life. If you have driven on I-85 from the NC state line to Gaffney, SC (as you cross the Buffalo River) then you have driven across part of the old plantation.

On 24th Dec. 1879 he married Amelia Elizabeth Haas. Amelia was born 20 Dec 1859 in York, SC. She was a daughter of Adam Haas (b. 15 May 1834) of Rehborn, Germany and his wife, Canzada Blackwood of South Carolina.

Ed died in Cherokee County, SC on 13 June 1936. Like his father Ed had a Masonic funeral. There was also a Confederate Veterans group present. After Ed died Amelia went to live with her youngest daughter, Marie Mintz Cabaniss and her family. Amelia died in Cleveland County, NC on 8 Aug 1939. Both Ed and Amelia are at rest at Buffalo Baptist Church, Blacksburg, SC.

The history of the Adam Haas family is well documented. At an early age of (18) Adam illegally fled Germany to America with his brothers. It is said that his brothers hid him in a lifeboat.


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Ed and Amelia had 9 children:

Janie Violent, (6th Oct 1880 - 24th Oct 1883)

William Arthur, (4th Feb 1882 - 28 Feb 1956)

Charles Decator, (16th May 1884 - 20 Jan 1943)

Mae Victoria, (22nd April 1886 - 2 April 1957)

Clara Canzada, (3rd Sept 1888 - 10 June 1954)

Frank Moore (21 May 1891 - 1977)

John Buchanan, (26 March 1893 - 8th Feb 1971)

Robert Adam, (2nd July 1895 - 8 Sept 1949)

Marie Medora, (24 April 1897 - 26 June 1976)