Lucinda Mintz

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Lucinda Mintz (March 1874 - 1908) "Lucisey," as she was called,   was the 8th child of Charles and Susan. There is some confusion, due to poorly kept records, as to when Lucisey was born. Some family members say she was born in 1876, but that is just not possible. It is known for certain that her brother, William Cross, was born on 23 Dec 1876.

Maybe it was common in the pioneer days, I don't know, but I do find it quite interesting that two of the Mintz boys (Alex and Robert) married sisters, (Mary and Jane Wiley) while and two of the Mintz girls (Lucinda and Katie) married two brothers, (Green Jonas and John Samuel Howell).

Lucisey, died at an early age, she was only 33 years old. She left behind a very young family. Marcus was 15, Julius was 8, Grace was 5 and Lizzie was only 2 years old. Lucisey was the second child that Charles and Susan had laid to rest, Mary Elizabeth being the first. Lucisey was buried in the Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery.

Green Jonas Howell, (18th July 1872 - 18 Dec 1941), was the son of Columbus Wade Howell and Sally Whisenant. Jonas worked for the Louisville & Nashville RR. and he owned and operated a farm.  

Jonas and Lucisey had 4 children:

Marcus Ledell, (31 Aug 1894 - 13 Sept 1989)

Julius Clifton, (20 May 1901 - 1 Aug 1928)

Grace Oleathia, (25 Oct 1903 - 2 Jan 1929)

Lizzie Viola, (28 Aug 1906 - )

After Lucisey's death Jonas remarried on 26th Aug 1909 to the widow Emma Pittman nee Cooper, ( 20 July 1879 - 5 Mar 1959). The couple had three children.

Fred Lawrence, (8 Sept 1911)

James Cooper, ( 25 Mar 1913)

Ralph Jonas, (14 Feb 1915)

Jonas and Emma were buried in the Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston.