Mary Jane Mintz

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Mary Jane, the 5th child of John B. and Mary was born in 1851 in Union County, SC. She died in 1927. Both Mary Jane and William are buried at Buffalo Baptist Church.

Mary Jane married William D. Gaston (1837- 1922) a  son of David Gaston. It is believed that Mary was William's second wife. His first wife was Elizabeth M. (April 1843 -March 1877). It appears that Elizabeth had two children by William. An infant daughter (18 Sept 1872) and David Andrew (29th March 1877- 7th Aug 1942). Elizabeth is buried in the Buffalo Baptist Church Cemetery. According to "A Voice in the Wilderness: A History of Buffalo Baptist Church", by Dr. B.G. Moss, William was an ordained deacon in the church, at least as early as 1868, and played a prominent role in its early history.

.Mary Jane and William had (4) children:

John Mangum Gaston (18 May 1879 - 25 March 1939) He married Lottie Sitton (26 Nov 1888 - 20 Aug 1950). Both are buried at Buffalo Baptist Church.

Dora Gaston (2 Jan 1881 - 26 Mar 1980) She married Robert R. McConnell (1 Jan 1882 - 27 Jan 1951). Both are buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Blacksburg SC.

MacBride B. Gaston (28 Jan 1885 - 23 Aug 1968)

James H. Gaston  (Sept 1887 - 1957)