Robert E. Lee Mintz

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Robert E. Lee Mintz (1 Jan 1865 - 22 Feb 1944)

Robert was born on the 1st day of the New Year 1865 in York county, SC. Obviously Charles had been home on leave, spring / early summer 1864, but had left Susan alone during the pregnancy. The War in Virginia was at at fever pitch. His stay at home had to be short. Captain Crockett promoted him to the rank of Fourth Corporal in June 1864. It is known for certain that Charles was wounded in the battle in the leg, at the battle of Fort Harrison, on 30 September 1864. His unit will participate in the final battles of the war, but I'm unsure if he was "in recovery" or on the front. Those last  check and counter check moves around Richmond and Petersburg culminated on 11th April 1865, at Appomattox.

Charles was discharged from the Confederate services on 5th May 1865. He served from the day the war started to the every end. The man was hard as nails. He was engaged in many of the most horrible battles of the war, and was wounded on three separate occassions. Charles admired General Robert E. Lee and let it be known loud and clear. So, is it any wonder that his next son would be named Robert E. Lee Mintz.

When Charles returned from war he returned to a wife with a 9 year old son, a 5 year old daughter, a 3 year old son and a 5 month old baby.  Sometime between 1866 and 1868 Charles does something that seems kind of strange, he takes off  for Alabama, to scout for a new home. His 5th child, Ellen will be born in Alabama in 1868. (More research needs to be done on Ellen.)

It may seem strange to us why Charles would pick up roots and move, but the truth is thousands of people moved after the war, the economy was in shambles. It was a very depressing time to live in South Carolina, remember that General Sherman had swept through the region on his way to Atlanta. The Mintz family was part of a large western movement of the population.

Bob will live his entire life in Alabama and like his older brother, Alex, he will wed a daughter of Lawson George Wiley and Sarah Ann Gore. Iantha JaneWiley and Robert Lee Mintz, use the happy occassion of her birthday, to tie the knot on 2nd April 1893. Jane, just a year younger than Bob, was born 2nd April 1866 in Alabama. Emmett F. Crook is the Judge of Probate and R.A. Hollingsworth, Jr. is the Justice of the Peace that performs the ceremony.

Bob earned his living as a farmer, cultivating about 160 acres in Calhoun county, Ala., and lived very near the railroad station of Wellington. Bob was a member of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, however Jane was a member of the Oak Grove Baptist Church.

According to his son Era, Robert's only child,  most people that knew Robert, called him Bob, for very few people were aware of his entire name. Bob died on 22 Feb 1944, Jane died on 13 Nov 1955. They are buried in the Mt. Gilead Cemetery.

The couple had only 1 child, Era Lawson, born 1st July 1900.

Era Lawson Mintz, (1st July 1900 - 25 June 1998)

A lifelong resident of Reed's Mill, Ala. Era made his living just like his father, farming. And like his father he was also a member of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church.

Era married Berta Jane Ponder in Calhoun county on 1st Jan 1923. Berta, was on born 6th Dec 1901, to Henry David Ponder and Mary Stinson.

Era was 27 years old when his grandmother, Susan, passed and 28 years old when his grandfather, Charles H. died. He attended both funerals.

Berta died on 11 March 1991 and laid to rest in the Crestwood Cemetery. Era passed away 25 June 1998 and was buried beside her.

Era and Berta had seven children, but only 4 survived to adulthood..

Era Lawson Jr., (6 Jan 1924 -14 Jan 1924) Buried in the Mt Gilead Cemetery.

Lois Jewel, (30 July 1925 - 16 May 1977)

Geraldine, (8 Oct 1927)

Julia Hazel, (6 July 1930 - 15 April 1943) Buried in the Mt Gilead Cemetery

Robert David, (17 June1935)

Carolyn Yvonne, (4 May 1938)

Margaret Ann, (24 Dec 1944 - 28 Dec 1944) Buried in the Mt Gilead Cemetery.

Robert David, (17 June1935)

Owner of Glencoe Printing Company, just outside of Glencoe, Ala. He lives in Reeds Mill.