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In October 1922 William (Bill) Cross and Ollier purchased a 160 acre farm in the Bethel Community. Jane Collins writes that she remembers as a young girl walking several miles to visit her grandparents. Due to failing health of Ollier, the farm was sold and they lived with their sons, rotating periodically. After the death of Ollier, Bill mostly stayed with his son Clayton. A few months prior to his death Bill needed constant care and was placed in a nursing home in Gadsden.


William was the 9th child of Charles and Susan. He was born 23 Dec 1876 and died in 1971. Ollier Florentine Hindeman, daughter of Eli Hindeman and Mary Landham, was born in 1882 and was laid to rest on 2nd Feb1951. Both are buried at the Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery, Reads Mill, Ala.

Bob and Ollier had 7 children, 5 sons and two daughters. However, 1 son and 2 daughters died in infancy.

Lloyd Gramlin, (27th Aug 1902 -  )

Thaddis Albert, (21st Aug 1906 - 9 June 1947),  married Mary Jo Lee. In the couples' early years they rented a farm in the Bethel Community. The land was later sold and known as the "Big Oak Boys Ranch". It was a home for orphaned boys. Thaddis did not work the land. He employed a black man known as, Henry. Henry lived on the farm in a one room house. Thaddis was employed in some capacity with the public works department and sometime, prior to WW2, he worked for A & J Stove Company, in Gadsden. During the War he was employed at Kilby Steel Company, in Anniston. About 1947 the couple purchased 100 acres of farmland. Soon thereafter Thaddis became ill and died on 9th June 1947. After his death Mary Jo married Jack Douthet Hindman, the brother of Ollier Hindman.

Johnnie Clayton, (6th May 1918 -  )

William Ernest, (21st Aug 1922 - )