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Laser Oscillated Vacuum Energy Resonator (LOVER). The ring laser (above) may be built into an IC array of 1,000 ring lasers. If each microlaser in the array is designed to be counterpropagating, an interference phenomena called the Sagnac Effect occurs that violates special relativity in the small scale. This array of Sagnac Effect ring lasers provides the top tier of the multi-tier LOVER. Inside the ring of each laser is a cavity where quantum effects called Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics may occur (C-QED). A special molecule is placed inside each cavity. If the ring laser array is RF pulsed with resonant frequency modes applicable to the molecules electrons and neutrons, by "Coherent Control of Cumulative Interaction" an inertial backreaction is produced whereby the electrons having spin-spin coupling with the nucleaons also resonate with the spacetime backcloth in order to 'poke a hole' in it. Metaphorically this is like dropping stones in a pool of water: One stone creates concentric ripples; two stones create domains of constructive and desctuctive interference. Such an event is not considered possible in the standard models of particle physics, quantum theory and cosmology. However Noetic science uses extended versions of these theories wherein a new teleological action principle may be utilized to develop what might be called a 'transistor of the vacuum' which we have appropriately dubbed the L.O.V.E.R. Just as standard transistors and copper wires provide the basis for almost all modern electronic devices; This LOVER using the information content of spacetime geodesics (lines) will soon be the basis of many forms of Noetic Technologies, some of which are listed below.

Conscious Quantum Computing

Noetic Medicine


Sensory By-pass Prosthesis

Physical Basis of Qualia

Artificial Meat

The Anthropic Multiverse

A SETI-II Program

Noetic Influenza 'Vaccine'

Quantum Computer Music

  • The 3rd Vigier Symposium - Berkeley, CA 2000
  • IVth Vigier Symposium, Paris, France, 2003
  • The 5th Vigier Symposium - Liege, Belgium, August 2005

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