Prof. Sal Giandinoto Selected Publications

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  • A Facile Preparation of Some Novel Class II Mesoionic Xanthine Acyclonucleosides
  • Structural Characterization and Synthesis of 7-Thia-1,5-diazatricyclo [] tetradec-9(14)-ene-6,8-dithione
  • High Pressure [4+2] Cycloaddition of Dichloromoleic Anhydride and Furon
  • Bicycloannulation of 3-Indolylenamines with Cyclohexenone: A Facile Preparation of Potential Neurotransmitter Analogs
  • Internal-Surface Reverse-Phase Chromatography for Metabolite Analysis of Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Internal-Surface Reversed-Phase Chromatography for Plasma Metabolite Analysis of Radiopharmaceuticals

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